About Us

Teresa Affeldt & Tessi Russell, female entrepreneurs and woman business owners in the hemp industry. Specializing in CBD products, we have a great passion to help educate people to live their best quality life with natural products from the earth.

Our Story as Female Business Owners

Teresa Affeldt has been our very own mother Teresa, completely selfless, inspiring and contagious. A daycare provider for 43 years rated number one in her county and a mom to many. Teresa has always been an entrepreneur and is the best example of kindness and dedication. Her experiences have brought her the knowledge and skills for success that she joyfully passes on and is enthusiastic about continuing to share in this next chapter.

Tessi Russell has a Bachelor of Science degree from MN State University, Mankato in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine. She has been apart of the service industry since she started her career and most recently was working in store with Target at a high level overseeing a team in Logistics, Sales and Guest Experience. Tessi's passion for people and this world brought her to this opportunity of sharing the powerful benefits of CBD with others looking for more education and information. 

We are humbled to have fallen in love with this industry through a chain of family passions of planting and using hemp as our way of natural healing. As owners of Healthy Solutions, we have partnerships with local farmers and a local formulator and biochemist to produce our high quality products. Our passions began with having family who farm hemp and learning about the many healing properties that people benefit from using this natural product. The history of hemp is impressive and massively beneficial to our planet and peoples success. With having family who grow and extract in the Midwest locally to having Mr. Hemp himself, a family member who helped write the 2014 Farm Bill, we are fully equipped with the in-depth knowledge and support to grow into this industry. Our visions are to impact global health and help heal people through natural ways with the proper tools and education. We plan for our impact to touch people far and wide through planting seeds of inspiration & education.