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Our hemp is grown locally on family farms and crafted with care. The fruit of rich love and great labor. Our cherished hemp provides plant-powered generosity being very pure and formulated by an herb based natural bio-chemist with the highest standards possible.


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The hemp to CBD process consistes of farming & cultivation then extraction which we use a Cold CO2 extraction process, third party testing and formulation. Most popular form is a tincture of oil of CBD then topicals then gummies and edibles.

The Powerful Benefits of CBD

Why CBD?

  1. Antioxidants - these are important! They stop free radicals, keep our immune systems strong, and even slow premature aging in the skin!
  2. Ease Anxiety & Stress - CBD reacts with the part of the brain that releases serotonin. It helps release more serotonin which can alleviate depression and anxiety.
  3. Sleep - Because CBD can have calming affects, sleeping longer and better are likely to occur. It can help you reach deep R.E.M. sleep!
  4. Non Mind Altering - CBD is not psychoactive. It is commonly confused with THC which is the psychoactive component of marijuana. CBD is from hemp and is not psychoactive.

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Healthy Solutions Hemp can help heal our world. As a medicine, for our environment, for our future.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a community where pure resources are plentiful and health is a priority where people thrive as a collective. Designed for our customer experiences to bring our brand to life in the finest of details.  We believe natural resources shall be accessible to all and by contributing to our local community through locally grown and formulated products, our impact can make a difference.